Two Good Dogs by Susan Wilson. Published by St. Martins

Cody is only 14 when she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnesses a murder. Terrified of the consequences, she keeps quiet about what she saw and as a result begins acting out and sinking into depression. Her mother, Skye, not understanding what’s happening decides it’s time she fulfilled a lifelong dream and buys a run down inn in the Berkshires. Maybe a new location will help Cody. But of course, a change of scenery does nothing, and Cody starts hanging out with a group of rough kids. Rescue comes in the form of a dog. Adam March is the only guest at the hotel, and he brings with him rescue dog, Chance. As Cody slowly opens up to Chance, Adam and Skye begin to form a bond of their own, even as the consequences of what Cody witnessed get ever closer. While there is an element of suspense in this story, make no mistake about it, the canines are the stars in this wonderful book. Anyone who has ever loved a dog will recognize the ability of these loyal animals to make almost anything right again


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