And Every Morning the Way Home Gets a Little Longer by Frederik Backman. Published by Atria

In this almost unbearbly beautiful novella, a grandfather, son and grandson discuss life, memory and loss. Noah and his grandfather share a love of many things, math, jokes, and the stories his grandfather shares about his life and his fear of losing the memories of all he held dear. Through Noah, his father Ted is finally able to bridge the gap between himself and his own father. This book brought to mind all those I have loved and lost and may be both laugh and cry. What a precious, little jewel


The Heart of Aromatherapy by Andrea Butje. Published by Hay House

If you have ever wondered about aromatherapy, and what, if anything it can do for you, this is the book you want to read. The author begins with the basics, what aromatherapy is, how it works and how to use it safely (just because something’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s safe). Learn about the carrier oils used to dilute the essential oils to make them easier to use topically, and then about the essential oils themselves, their names, what they smell like and what they can be used for. Also included are recipes for pain relief, skin care, pain relief and more. This book has helped me understand aromatherapy better and I plan to make it a regular part of my life

The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn. Published by Little, Brown

Tired of life in the city, Lucy and Owen pack up their autistic son and move into the bucolic village of Beekman in the Hudson Valley. In many ways, Beekman seems to be a life from another age, where women stay at home and men do manly things with home repair and barbecue grills. Then at a dinner party one night, Lucy learns heard friends have an adventurous side – they have an “open” marriage. While at first the idea sounds ridiculous, it begins to grow on Lucy. The result is a six month period of do whatever you like – there will be no questions asked. It seems like not so innocent fun, until Lucy begins to have feelings for a man she’s having an affair with, feelings that make her doubt her nearly decade long marriage. As readers, we know this cannot go any place good, but it does go a few places that had me snorting with laughter and very glad that monogamy is good enough for me

Tell Me a Lie by C.J. Carver. Published by Zaffre

A family has been massacred, the father found holding the shotgun. It seems obvious who the killer is, but PC Lucy Davies believes that someone else is to blame. Meanwhile, Dan Forrester is contacted by a man in Moscow, a sleeper agent who wants to meet Forrester face to face. It would appear a man from a different era, a man who still wields a great deal of power is after Dan’s wife. This is a taut, well written series that will please fans of the Jason Bourne series

Anger Man by Roy Chester. Published by Joffe

The press has nicknamed him “the Anger Man”, a savage killer leaving a swath of destruction in his wake. Detective David Mallory believes there is a link between the killer and “the Ring”, a group of child predators that were last active years ago. Mary Longsdale knows who the Anger Man is, but she’s locked up in a psychiatric hospital, it’s not like anyone would believe her and Mary would be loath to give up the one man she ever trusted anyway. Dr. Hannah Nightingale knows the only way to stop the murders is to gain Mary’s trust and get the name locked inside her mind. I have a real liking for mysteries with psychiatrists as main characters, they explore the intracaities of the human mind and tall the strange and bizarre things we humans are capable of

Girl in Disguise by Greer Macallister. Published by Sourcebooks

This is a fictionalized account of the first female Pinkerton detective, Kate Warne. A widow in 1856 Chicago had few options open to her. Kate Warne has no man and no money and while there are some less savory ways for her to earn a living, she’s determined to make something of herself. The daughter of an actor, Kate has learned to portray any role necessary, and now she will present herself to Alan Pinkerton and convince him to hire her on as a Pinkerton detective. Told in the first person, readers will get a feel for who Kate was and the choices she had to make, as well as her skill and cunning in getting her man

The Hanging Tree by Ben Aabromovitch. Published by Berkley

This is the 6th book in the Rivers of London series, and if you haven’t read any of these books, you’re really missing out. The books center around Peter Grant, a London Met cop who investigates cases that are on the supernatural side. It all began when Peter met a ghost in the first book and learned he was England’s last wizard. In this outing, something spooky is happening in the mansions of the uber wealthy in Mayfair. Hundreds of years ago, this was the location of the Tyburn gallows and it looks as if some of the departed didn’t really depart. Peter will have to do battle with a ferocious river-god if he is to keep London safe. There is nothing cutesy or Harry Potter-like in this series, it’s dark and compelling