Fighting Blind by Ivan Castro. Published by St. Martins

Lt. Ivan Castro was an American sniper in Iraq when his position took a direct hit from the enemy. Two of his men were killed and Castro was more dead than alive, with life threatening injuries. He was flown to Germany for treatment, and while doctor’s there managed to save his life, they could not save his life. Castro descended into a world of darkness, both physically and mentally. He slowly began to look for a way out of his despair and became determined to run a marathon. He did, and that was the first of many (he was there at the Boston Marathon during the bombing). He has since gone on to help other veterans deal with both their PTSD and physical wounds by speaking honestly about his ordeal. Castro’s book is a tribute to not just one brave man, but to all the brace men and women who risk their lives everyday in the name of the United States. Powerful

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