My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella. Published by Random House 

Katie Brenner longs for the perfect life. She’d give anything to be more like her beautiful, cool, hip boss Demeter. Katie’s reality is weird roommates and ugly office politics. Is it any wonder that she embellishes the truth a little? If her social media posts are to be believed, Katie’s life, both professionally and personally, is perfect. Katie wants to make her family proud. But any chance at making that perfect life a reality are dashed when the dreadful Demeter fires her. Katie returns home to her family in Somerset and lets them believe she’s home just to help them set up their vacation business. She keeps the loss of her job to herself, until Demeter shows up as a guest, then the ugly truth comes out. Katie will have to decide what the real indication of successful is, a high powered career or the people who love you no matter what. Sweet, funny and hard to put down 

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