All Darling Children by Katrina Monroe. Published by Red Adept

In this wicked, wicked retelling of Peter Pan, Madge is looking for the woman she believes is her real mother. Her grandmother, Wendy, a fierce and formidable woman has been sidelined by a heart attack and lies in the hospital. This is Madge’s chance to escape, her chance to uncover the real story about what happened to her mother. On the way to Chicago, Madge meets a boy named Peter Pan. He whisks her off to Neverland, a place where children never grow old. But this is not the Neverland you remember, it’s a dangerous, violent place and Wendy learns that Peter Pan is willing to do anything to remain a child forever. Interwoven with Madge’s story, are entries from Wendy’s diary, and the story of what really happened in Neverland and what happened when she returned. I always thought Peter Pan was a creepy story! Monroe brings the old story crashing down to reveal a dark, malevolent Neverland, a place where the term Lost Boys is oh, so appropriate

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