Evensong by Kate Southwood. Published by W.W. Norton

Many of us have reached the point in life where we look back and reflect – what could I have done better? What should I have never done at all? Margaret Maguire has come home from the hospital just in time for the Christmas holiday. A widow, mother and grandmother, she now reflects on her life. Her grown children are strangers to her and to each other and while Margaret knows that much of the discord was caused by her arrogant late husband, she acknowledges her own role in the break down of her family. Nearing the end of her life, she only wants her family made whole again and hopes that her granddaughter can be the catalyst for change. While this means that Margaret will have to share the past and its painful memories, she’s willing to do almost anything to reunite her children. This is a beautifully written story of being strong enough to admit your mistakes and relive a past that you would rather forget

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