The Thief’s Daughter by Victoria Cornwall. Published by Choc Lit

If you have been swept up in the Poldark series, you’ll love this story.  In 18th century Cornwall, fortunes are made by smugglers and wreckers, and innocent people are often killed in the process. Jenna has seen too much death and has vowed to stay as far away  as possible from the illegal activities she sees going on. But when her brother needs her help resolving a debt to some dangerous people, she feels she has no choice but to help and is soon deep inside a world of dangerous, cut throat smugglers. In the mean time, Jack Penhale is avenging his father’s death by tracking down and eliminating smuggling rings. When he meets Jenna, he has no idea that the young woman he’s so taken with is involved with the deadly trade he’s sworn to destroy. Jenna is caught between loyalty to her brother, and Jack, the man she’s falling in love with. A sweeping historical romance that takes readers deep into the heart of 18th century Cornwall


~ by cayocosta72 on November 16, 2016.

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