Cruel Winter by Sheila Connolly. Published by Crooked Lane

Trapped during a blizzard, the inhabitants of Sullivan’s Pub hold an unofficial trial as the accused, Diane Caldwell offers proof of her innocence in a murder she was accused of decades earlier. Having been in Ireland less than a year, Maura knew nothing about the infamous case, but the locals around these parts have long memories, and when Diane Caldwell herself shows up at the local pub, the regulars are ready too pitch her out into the storm. Luckily, calmer heads prevail as Maura urges people to take a second look at the case, this time with Diane allowed to tell her side of the story.  Never having had  a chance to speak about what happened, Diane pours out what really happened and it’s enough to make a lot of people reconsider her guilt, the only question is, will it be enough for the authorities to reopen the case? Connolly sense of place is so strong in this story, I can hear the Irish accents and smell the smoke from the pub fire. A highly recommended read

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