Secrets We Keep by Faith Hogan. Published by Aria

How can one place hold hope for the future for one person even as it holds regrets and sadness for others? The Bath House in Ballytokeep (love that name) has been slowly decaying for years, lying empty, but not forgotten. Archie and Iris remember the old house and the mistakes they mad there, even as they try to forget. Their niece, Kate, a London attorney has fled the Big Smoke after a devastating heartache. She is intrigued by the Bath House and eventually falls in love with it. She decides to move to Ballytokeep to start over and wants to bring the Bath House back to life, even as Iris and Archie just want to forget the house and their history there. I am a sucker for dilapidated old houses in need of fixing up – especially when someone else is doing it! This is a lovely story of regret, remorse, healing and starting over

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