Twelve Angry Librarians by Miranda James. Published by Berkley

I always enjoy mysteries centered around books and librarians and James has given us that most elusive of creatures – a male librarian – as a protagonist for this series. Charlie Harris and his cat Diesel love quiet walks and long books, but not being the center of attention. When the Southern Academic Libraries Association has its annual meeting at Athena College in Athena, Mississippi, Charlie, as interim library director will be forced to make a welcoming speech to all the librarians attending. Even worse, Charlies old nemesis from library school, Gavin Fong will be there, giving a speech of his own. The ghastly Gavin hasn’t changed, he’s still an annoying braggart who tells all that libraries will soon be a thing of the past. Is it really a surprise when the stinker turns up dead? Unfortunately, Charlie, who was seen publicly arguing with Gavin before his death, is now the prime suspect. Charlie will have to use all the skills he learned as a librarian to track down the killer. I love a guy who loves a cat, and books too!


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