All the Best People by Sonja Young. Published by Berkley

The world was a very different place in 1972, and in a small rural state like Vermont, mental illness was not something that was discussed. Carole LaPorte has a fairly ordinary, happy life with her husband and children, doing the books for the family’s auto repair business. When she starts to hear voices and have a hard time concentrating, she’s desperately afraid she will end up in a mental hospital like her mother did, and Carole doesn’t want her own children to go through the hell she suffered in her own childhood. As she pulls away from her family, 11-year-old Alison looks for comfort and answers in everything from the weather, the river, the occult and an old glass box that belonged to her grandmother. This story sucked me in right away, I loved Alison and her attempts to make sense of her rapidly changing world, and Carole for trying to find a way to survive in a world that’s falling apart around her

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