Brimstone by Cherie Priest. Published by Ace

This is a creepy story set in the middle of the burgeoning spiritualism movement after World War I. During the Great War, Tomas saw and did many terrible things; things he cannot live with but are now part of him. When he finally returns home, it’s to find his wife has died of influenza. In Cassadega, Florida, a community for spiritualists, Alice is a powerful clairvoyant and she dreams of fire, the same fire that consumes Tomas’s every thought, both sleeping and waking. Alice believes she can help Tomas and set his wife’s spirit to rest, but she is battling forces much older and stronger than she could have imagined. After the First World War and The Spanish flu took the lives of millions of people on the planet, many turned to the spiritualist movement to find solace, or to perhaps say goodbye to a loved one. Brimstone captures that time and mood perfectly, with a high creep factor thrown in for thrills

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