A Drop of Ink by Megan Chance. Published by Lake Union

Adelaide Wentworth has reached the end of her rope. With her reputation in tatters and no money to speak of, she and her sister, Louisa travel to Lake Geneva along with Adelaide’s lover, poet Julian Estes. The trio set up house at Villa Diodati where Louisa plots to resume her affair with Bayard, a well-known writer in hopes he will help prop up Julian’s sagging career. Adelaide, meanwhile knows she needs to help Julian, but her love for him is fast fading and she finds herself attracted to Bayard’s assistant, Giovanni. As Giovanni and Adelaide grow closer, their affair will have vast implications on all the residents of Villa Diodati. Megan Chance writes gorgeous historical novels about women and the lives they were forced to lead because of the role society cast them in. This is a mesmerizing tale of greed, lust and betrayal

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