Secrets of Southern Girls by Haley Harrigan. Published by Sourcebooks

It’s been ten years since Julie fled her home in small town Mississippi, sure she caused the death of her best friend, Reba. Sometimes it almost seems worse she got away with it then if she’d been arrested and jailed for her crime. Now, she and her daughter live a spare and quiet life in New York and while Julie vowed to never return home, she’s had a request to do just that from Reba’s old lover, August, who wants help locating Reba’s diary. On the one hand, Julie is terrified of returning, of her secrets being exposed, on the other hand, she wonders if others, who also played a role in Reba’s death might also be exposed. It’s a risk, but Julie can’t bear living with the guilt anymore and reluctantly makes the trip home. This is a delicious Southern Gothic with all the right elements – mysterious death, long-buried secrets, Spanish moss and sweet tea


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