The Happiness in Between by Grace Green. Published by Lake Union

Sandra Hurst is guilty of loving, and trusting too much, but now she’s had enough. She’s leaving her husband (for the second time). With no money and no resources, she heads to her parents for help (again), but she’s shocked when this time, they refuse to hep her. Desperate for a fresh start and some cash, Sandra takes her aunt up on an offer to house sit at the family home in Virginia. But the house is not as she remembered and it looks more than a little worse for the wear. Added to that, the dog she’s supposed to be taking care of has disappeared. It’s all just too much to bear, and Sandra just wants to find a quiet corner to curl up in and cry. But with the help of neighbor Colton and his son, not to mention her aunt’s dog, Honey, she begins to see a glimmer of hope on the horizon. I really liked this story – Sandra is not the perfect person and she’s a little dim-witted when it comes to love, but that just makes her more believable and likeable.


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