Gone by Elisabeth Naughton. Published by Montlake

It’s been three years, but the pain hasn’t subsided. Alec only looked away for a minutes, but that was enough time for daughter Emma, only one year old, to be taken. What was supposed to be a fun day at the park ended in tragedy. Emma was never found and presumed dead. The terrible events were enough to destroy Alec and Raegan’s marriage. Now, a 4-year-old girl resembling Emma has been found wandering in the park. Alec and Raegan rush to the area, only to be heartbroken yet again when they learn the girl is not their daughter. Still, the excitement has reignited Raegan’s determination to find her daughter, dead or alive, so that she can at least have some answers. While Alec believes someone in his family may have been involved with Emma’s disappearance, Raegan begins to put together a theory that involves other kidnappings in the area. This is a heart stopping story that may be a little too much for readers with young children (mine is 14 now, so it’s not as hard)


Two Lovers, Six Deaths by Gretta Mulrooney. Published by Joffe

What’s worse than finding out your husband is having an affair? discovering that he killed his mistress before topping himself. Granted, Georgie and Dominic were estranged, but she still can’t believe he’d kill anyone. Detective Tyrone Swift is hearing nothing but glowing reports about Dominic from all who knew him. It seems until he fell for the luscious Lisa, Dominic was a faithful, loving husband and an all around good guy. So what happened? As Swift teases apart the facts surrounding the murder/suicide, he uncovers that both his victims were keeping some nasty secrets.

The Forgotten Girl by Kerry Barrett. Published by HQ

Following two timelines, one in the present and one in the 1960’s, this is a story about the glamorous (sometimes) world of fashion magazines. In 1966, Nancy and her best friend Suze can’t wait to work for Mode magazine, it’s a dream they’ve shared for years. In the present day, Fearne is also thrilled to land a job with Mode magazine, but the glamorous world of publishing is not all it’s cut out to be. With the advent of tablets, print magazines are struggling to stay afloat, and Mode is no exception. Determined to save the magazine and bring it back to its glory days, Fearne taps into Suze, the magazine’s longest-serving editor, little knowing that in doing so, she will uncover what could be THE story of the year. This is an interesting look inside the world of publishing and the many ways it’s changed in the digital era

Playing Dead by Vena Cork. Published by Endeavour

Rosa Thorn, star of a wildly popular soap opera, is royally ticked off when the scene she wanted is stolen by co-star Elsa. But then Elsa is killed in a manner similar to the way her character on the show was offed. Suddenly, Rosa is glad she didn’t have that scene, and now she’s up for a BAFTA. Things are looking up, as least for a short time, then Rosa is accused of being involved in several murders. This is a novella by the popular Cork, but it doesn’t live up to her usual standards. It may just be that the story was too short to build any real sense of suspense

A Merciful Death by Kendra Elliot. Published by Montlake

Mercy Kilpatrick grew up with a grew up with a group of survivalist in small town Oregon. She and her family were ready for any disaster that might befall them. AS an adult, Mercy is an FBI agent tasked with finding a killer who’s targeting Doomsday preppers, just like Kendra’s family was. The killer, known as Cave Man is murdering survivalists and stealing their huge cache of weapons. Government sources are concerned the killer might be planning¬† a large-scale terrorist attack, but for Kendra, it’s more personal, as she returns to her hometown to hunt the killer who’s hunting the people she cares about. Throw in a sexy police chief who has his own ax to grind with the killer and you’ll get a story full of thrills and romance

One Dark Lie by Clare Chase. Published by Choc Lit

After the perilous murder investigation that Nate and Ruby lived through (barely), they need some time to rest and recover. Ruby accepts a job researching the eccentric Cambridge academic Diana Patrick-John. To give the story the ring of authenticity and enable her to research her subject, Ruby is staying in Diana’s home – the home where Diana died a mysterious death. The more Ruby learns about her subject, the more she’s convinced that someone had a hand in the woman’s death. She needs Nate’s help on this, but instead of backing her up, he begins to distance himself from her, and the case. This is the second book in this series and I like the dynamic between Nate and Ruby, which is changing all the time. The mystery is tightly plotted and imaginative, a good read

Brimstone by Cherie Priest. Published by Ace

This is a creepy story set in the middle of the burgeoning spiritualism movement after World War I. During the Great War, Tomas saw and did many terrible things; things he cannot live with but are now part of him. When he finally returns home, it’s to find his wife has died of influenza. In Cassadega, Florida, a community for spiritualists, Alice is a powerful clairvoyant and she dreams of fire, the same fire that consumes Tomas’s every thought, both sleeping and waking. Alice believes she can help Tomas and set his wife’s spirit to rest, but she is battling forces much older and stronger than she could have imagined. After the First World War and The Spanish flu took the lives of millions of people on the planet, many turned to the spiritualist movement to find solace, or to perhaps say goodbye to a loved one. Brimstone captures that time and mood perfectly, with a high creep factor thrown in for thrills