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Residents of Cedarwood Lodge prepare for a massive party that will last from Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) all the way to New Years. Due to the large cast of characters and unconventional living arrangements, readers are advised to read the other novellas in the series before attempting this one


We all have our little secrets, don’t we? Things we want kept quiet, after all, if no one knows, then there’s no harm done, right? While Cathy is attending to her own, private affairs, her teenage daughter Freya goes missing. Cathy wants her daughter back, of course she does, but in order for her to be found, Cathy’s carefully constructed wall of secrets will tumble and everyone will know the truth. This is a wicked little story that will shock and entertain in equal measure

Anna Butterfield has been sent to live with a wealthy relative, her uncle, a silk merchant, in London. The idea is for her to meet a wealthy, suitable young man who will make a good match. But she falls in love with Henri, a gifted apprentice who longs to one day be a master weaver. The problem is that Henri comes from a lower class and would never be considered a good match for Anna. Henri is all caught up in the growing labor movement that demand workers get fair treatment and wages, another strike against him in Anna’s family’s eyes. This is a thrilling historical about a stong willed, intelligent, independent heroine

Everyone in Sweet Lake, Ohio is waiting for Linnie Wayfair to save the day. Her parents want her to make nice with her no good brother and mend a family rift and the Sweet Lake Sirens want her to rescue the failing (and falling down ) old Wayfair Inn. They believe she’s got the business know how to save the old town landmark. Linnie’s not so sure, and she’s definitely not sure about her childhood BFFs pushing her at attorney Daniel Kettering. taking on the Inn, getting involved with Daniel, would all mean staying in Sweet lake and that’s not something Linnie is sure she wants to do. A sweet, hometown local girl does good story

In this novella, demonologist Anthony Zacardi is trying to avenge the deaths of twelve priests slayed by an ancient demon. Sheriff Skye McPherson thinks the demon angle is all bunk. She believes a real, live serial killer is at work. Anthony, who has fallen for Skye, must do his best to convince her that there are indeed supernatural elements at work before Skye becomes the demons next victim. Like most novellas, this is more like an appetizer than a meal. Just a taste that leaves you wanting more

After an attack left her badly injured and her best friend dead, Lisa Fullbrook retreats to the countryside to lick her wounds and gain solace. But peace is something she will not be granted, she’s haunted by flashbacks of the attack that she has largely forgotten and she begins to wonder why she and her friend were attacked, was it someone they knew? AS Lisa walks dog Riley in an attempt to quiet her racing mind and piece together what happened to her, the pieces of the puzzle slowly fall into place, leaving her to wonder if she was better off not remembering after all.

Most people won’t admit to being superstitious, even if they are. That’s why Bea Arthur keeps her mouth shut when she’s invited to a party for two young girls only to discover that there are 13 guests seated around the table. Disaster strikes when a  drape goes up in flames, injuring two of the guests, Bea and a fellow party goer go on a hunt for the birthday girls, who are now, strangely missing. Was the fire an attempt to hurt or kill the girls, or was it something more sinister. As Bea learns more about Alicia and Bernice, she realizes that money and presents are no substitute for love and guidance. Readers may figure out what happened, but this is a cautionary tale to every overly indulgent parent out there