Walk into Silence by Susan McBride. Published by Thomas & Mercer

Detective Jo Larsen isn’t quite sure what to make of Patrick Dielman’s claim that his wife, Jenny, is missing. While it could be serious it’s more likely that the woman left of her own free will. But as she checks into Dielman and his wife’s background she uncovers the story of a woman deeply disturbed about the death of her child and a man intent on manipulating her every movement. The loss of her son broke up Jenny’s first marriage and drove her into the arms of a control freak, leaving the woman in a fragile state of mind. But the more Jo learns, the less likely she is to believe that Jenny harmed herself. Now she just has to determine who might have made the woman disappear. This is a thriller of the first water, you know they always say the husband did it, right?……..


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