Modern Crimes by Chris Nickson. Published by History Press

Life in England after World War I was hard scrabble, poverty, starvation and crime are rampant. In Leeds in 1924, WPC Lottie Armstrong is the first female police officer. She faces everything from indifference to outright hatred from her male colleagues and the ruffians she tries to police on the streets. A lesser woman would give up, but Lottie is made of sterner stuff, she’s smart and determined and when she hears about a missing girl, Lottie is determined to find her. Her search takes her into some of the nastiest backwaters of the city and leads to all out murder. Lottie’s investigation into the death leads her on a trail of corruption that rises into the highest levels of city government. When her superiors reluctantly give her the go ahead, the truth is nothing short of shocking. Nickson brings the gritty world of between wars Leeds to life in this fascinating, if dark mystery

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