Purr M for Murder by T.C. LoTempio. Published by Crooked Lane

When Sydney McCall’s sister Kat needs help running their hometown animal shelter, Friendly Paws, Sydney leaves behind a high-powered New York job and a fiance to rush home to Deer Park, North Carolina. The sisters organize a cat cafe fund-raiser at a local coffee shop, but run afoul of their landlord, Trowbrdge Littleton, who threatens to evict them. When Sydney attempts to make nice with the man, she finds him dead in his gallery, with her sister standing over him. The homicide detective in charge of the investigation, Will Worthington, is highly suspicious of both sisters’ stories. But Littleton was a nasty man who no one will miss, in fact there are plenty of folks that would happily have done him in. Now, Sydney and cat Toby just have to prove it. Give me a mystery with an animal in it and I’m happy, throw in an animal shelter and I’m hooked. A satisfying mystery where the animals take center stage


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