Where the Lost Girls Go by R.J. Noonan. Published by Crooked Lane

Rookie cop Laura Nori is on the scene of a fiery fatal car crash. It would appear the body (unidentifiable because of the fire) is that of local author Kent Jamieson. He had had a nasty argument with his 17-year-old daughter Lucy before she had stormed out that night. Now Lucy is missing. But when the DNA results come back, Laura learns the dead girl is not Lucy, but teen runaway Kyra. Kyra is only one of several young women who have disappeared from the streets of Oregon. What is their connection? And who cut the brake lines in the car crash that killed Kyra? I wanted to like this book more than I did, but Laura is hard to accept as lead on a high-profile homicide. A 24-year-old rookie who still lives at home with her parents (mom does her laundry and makes her meals), she still idolizes her high school crush who also still lives across the way where she can stare at him. A lot of this book was very good, but Laura has a long way to go to be a believable homicide investigator


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