A Climate of Fear by Fred Vargas. Published by Penguin

It looks like a suicide, a woman dead in her own bathtub. It probably would have ended there if not for the odd symbol found at the scene. Local police call in Commissisaire Adamsberg and his team to investigate just as another “suicide” victim with the same symbol is found. Adamsberg digs into any link between the victims and discovers they were both part of an ill-fated tourist expedition to a remote island off the coast of Iceland ten years earlier. The group was stranded, alone, with few supplies on the island for two weeks after a thick fog descended over the sea. Locals blamed a demon has summoned the fog, and the circumstances that left two of the tourists dead. Adamsberg traces a link to the strange and secretive Association for the Study of the Writings of Maximillien Robespierre.  The police team tracks down other members of the ill-fated excursion and learns about what really happened during those 2 weeks on the island and it’s a story of murder, assault and depravity wrapped up in local legends. Creepy, literate suspense


~ by cayocosta72 on December 6, 2016.

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