Ararat by Christopher Golden. Published by St. Martins

Adam and Meryam are a couple that write books about their incredible, high octane travels around the world. They have even put their wedding on hold for their latest trip, and it’s a doozy. An avalanche on Mount Ararat has opened up a cave that’s been hidden from human eyes for eons. Inside, they say, are the remains of a boat. Adam and Meryan immediately launch an expedition – even if this isn’t Noah’s Ark (if there even is such a thing), this will still be an amazing story. Accompanied by native guides, the couple is not alone on their quest. There is another expedition, racing them to be the first inside the cave. When the scientists and arkologists finally arrive, they find the ship inside the cave, or rather the cave inside the ark. Inside the ship is an elaborate coffin, that, in typical treasure hunter fashion, they break open. But there is no treasure to be found here, just the odd twisted  remains of some sort of….thing. Something with horns.  Three weeks  later, an international team is working on the dig, and everyone present feels something is not right, not right at all . A blizzard descends, trapping the team inside the cave with whatever they have disturbed from sleep. When I read the description for this book, I put everything aside so I could read it. Golden writes THE best action/horror books of this decade and he gets better with every book.  Highly, highly recommended.

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