Murder Go Round by Carol J. Perry. Published by Kensington

At a storage locker auction with her Aunt Izzy, Lee Barret becomes part owner of a unit that holds a beautiful old carousel horse. Eager to get the horse restored to its original beauty, Lee bring it to a local shop. While there, she sets eyes on an old silver samovar, and something about the vessel kicks her ESP into high gear. Lee sees the vision of a murder – whether the event has already occurred or still yet to be committed, she does not know. All hopes that the murder occurred in the distant past are dashed when Lee’s police officer boyfriend finds a body outside the shop where Lee left the horse. The horse is also worse for wear, taken apart and strewn about. It’s obvious someone was looking for something, but what does it have to do with the dead man outside? This is a charming cozy filled with eccentric characters and mumbo jumbo


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