Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes. Published by Doubleday

You will laugh into your muffintop at this snarky, sarcastic look into the world of “gotta stay thin no matter what”. Lucy Sweets loves food (don’t we all?), and yes, maybe she has put on a little weight since her divorce and maybe her pants are a little snug, but she’s still the same hard-working woman she always was. That’s why it comes as a shock when her boss and childhood BFF gives her an ultimatum – lose 30 pounds or find another job. Lucy is shocked and embarrassed to her core,  not to mention hurt by her friend’s betrayal, but she’s determined to lose the weight, but really 30 pounds? Thus begins her odyssey into the world of fitbits, carb counting, exercise classes that require you reportage your home to afford and a snort producing trip to naked yoga called Free the Nipple. And the fitness boot camp instructors make Saddam Hussein look like a nice guy. Throughout her odyssey, Lucy meets a lot of people, among them a “freegan” who takes her dumpster diving, an older man with a taste for much younger women and fitness guru Sarah Strong, who promises to make all her clients dreams come true – for a price. A dead on look at how ridiculously over obsessed Americans are with appearance

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