The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley. Published by Atria

This is the third book in the Shadow Sister series, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I loved Riley’s standalones, but haven’t been crazy about this series of 6 adopted sisters trying to learn about their birth families.  This story features sister, Star, who will trace her origins back to England and the Lake District. I for one, am a little creeped out by Star’s relationship with her sister CeCe –  the two still live together and even share a bedroom (ick!), so I was glad to see her set oof on her own. Star ends up working at bookstore for the quirky and endearing Orlando where she meets his strangely nicknamed brother “Mouse”, who is anything but.  Learning about Flora MacNichol, a contemporary and friend of Beatrix Potter gives Star the answers she’s seeking.  This is by far, the best of the series, but still not up to Riley’s usual standards


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