Burntown by Jennifer McMahon. Published by Doubleday

Ashford Vermont looks like a small New England College town, but it’s better known as burn town because of the remains of all the mills and factories long out of business. Eva Sanduski,better known as Necco, has been part of Burntown’s  underworld since her father’s death years before. Miles was a respected professor and the inventor of some pretty spectacular machines, including one said to have been made using plans stolen from Thomas Edison’s workshop. According to Necco’s mother Lily, that’s the reason Miles was murdered and the reason she and Necco have gone into hiding by the river with a strange group of women who call themselves fire eaters.Necco has never believed her mother, but when Lily dies and then Necco’s boyfriend are murdered she is forced to reconsider. Necco goes on the run and ends up teaming up with a group of misfits including a kid who owes money to the wrong people. McMahon writes some of the most unusual and a gripping thrillers being published today and readers won’t be disappointed by her latest book

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