A French Wedding by Hannah Tunnicliffe. Published by Doubleday

A group of lifelong friends meets to celebrate (mourn?) the 40th birthday of one of the group. This story stars with Juliette, a restaurant owner on her way to meet with a critic who can make or break Juliette’s Paris restaurant. When she receives a call that her mother is seriously ill, she leaves everything behind to journey into the French countryside to be with her parents. One year later, and Juliette is working as a private chef for Max, an aging rock star, in his grand French country estate. His friends gather to celebrate his milestone birthday and old freinds and lovers get tangled up in the past and the feelings of the present. I wish the entire book had been about Juliette, her observations about food, Paris and family were the best part of the book. The other characters just didn’t come to life for me


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