How to be Human by Paula Cocozza. Published by Henry Holt

The London suburb Mary lives in has become overrun with wild foxes. Mary, who feels slighted by her neighbors and is on leave from her job notices one fox in particular, that comes to her garden everyday.  A fox that seems as interested in Mary as she is in it. Every day, the two watch each other, and Mary swears she sees the fox wink at her. He brings her little gifts and it’s not long before she invites the fox into her home. One night, Mary arrives home to find a baby on her steps. Did the baby’s mother (Mary’s neighbor) leave the baby there in some sort of post partum depression? Could the fox have brought her the baby? As Mary’s neighbors plot to rid the neighborhood of foxes for good, Mary wonders just who is helping who. I loved this slightly quirky story about love, belief and finding your way


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