Feral by James DeMonaco. Published by Anchor

It’s been years since a fire at a highly classified research facility unleashed a deadly virus into the atmosphere. The disease killed off most of the men on the planet, and the ones who didn’t die became filled with tremendous rage, intent on wreaking havoc and killing anything that gets in their way. Allie lives in a walled city, while Ferals prowl the land outside the walls, looking for ways in. Allie begins to notice a change in the Feral’s behavior, they almost seem to be planning something, and all of a sudden, there seems to be a lot more of them outside the walls. What are they planning? Allie knows something terrible is coming, but how can she stop it? I have read a number of books lately where a virus kills off most of the women on earth, so this was a nice change. More believable than the zombie apocalypse and twice as scary


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