The Ship by Antonia Honeywell. Published by Orbit

In the not so distant future, life as we know has ended. Humans have finally managed to destroy the earth and there are now only small bastions of land that humanity clings to. Lalla lives a fairly comfortable life with her mother and father in their London apartment, as legions of people starve in the streets. Things are getting worse, the British museum, where Lalla’s mother takes her to show her what life was like, is filled with the homeless – a homeless population the government intends to exterminate. It’s not as if they haven’t done it before. Lalla’s father Michael has procured a ship and intends to take his wife and daughter and 500 citizens with him so they may sail away to somewhere safe where they can start again. But things go wrong from the beginning, Lalla’s mother is killed, and when she discovers the terrible truth about where the ship is really headed, she knows she has to act. Please, please tell me there is a sequel in the works! Readers may find Lalla spoiled and immature in the beginning of this story, but she grows up fast

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