Foxlowe by Eleanor Wasserberg. Published by Penguin

Foxlowe is the name of the commune (cult?) where Green lives. Green is the only child born into the commune, and therefore the only one who doesn’t have two names – a name from before and a Foxlowe name. The young members are called the Ungrown, adults are the Grown, and three of them are known as the Founders. Like most cults, access to history and knowledge are denied, and Green grows up with an absolute faith in everything she’s been taught. But others are Foxlowe remember their life before, and sometimes recount their old lives and the ways things were in the outside world. This book is scary in the sense that all mind control and access to knowledge is scary, the tension is heightened by the creepy old house the group lives in, but I had a hard time feeling any intimacy with the characters. The story is good technically, but I felt it lacked heart

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