The Cleaner by Elizabeth Herrmann. Published by Bonnier Zaffre

In the 1980’s a worker in an East German orphanage finds a little girl wandering the hall one night. The girl says her name is Christel and that she wants her mommy. But the Stasi officers who visit the orphanage tell the worker that the girl’s name is Judith Kepler, and using some nasty persuasive techniques, they get the woman to go along with their ruse. Years later, Judith has grown up to be a crime scene cleaner – she makes sure that all the mess and gore left behind after a murder or suicide is erased. Bit this murder scene is different, the woman who was killed knew Judith’s real identity. Why was Judith real identity hidden and what really happened all those years ago? The Berlin Wall may have come down, but old tensions and threats still exist, as Judith looks to uncover the truth about her past. As tensions in our modern world increase daily, organizations like the Stasi take on a new and frightening guise. A riveting thriller


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