The Woman Who Knew Too Much by Tom Savage. Published by Alibi

A Russian actress who’s married to Russian general and privy to a lot of secrets wants to trade that intel to the United States in return for asylum. Galina Rostova is performing in Venice, Italy and does not want to return to Russia. The CIA wants the intel she’s promised, so they send Nora Baron to Italy in order to make the trade. But Nora is not an agent, she’s married to one, but her day job is as a teacher and a mother. The CIa has used Nora in the past and likes her ability to slip into any role (she teaches drama). Of course things go wrong during the exchange and the two women find themselves on the run across Venice, pursued by Russian thugs determined to make sure neither woman is able to spill any secrets ever again. The plot sounds highly improbable, but Savage makes it work, and with all the furor about Russia these days, it’s a timely and fun read

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