Silent Rain by Karin Salvalaggio. Published by St. Martins

Grace Adams wants to forget about her nightmarish childhood. She’s changed her name and moved, but somehow, people, ghouls really, keep tracking her down. Now, she’s hoping for a fresh start at a college in Montana, but her secret is out. Novelist Peter Granger, the man she trusted with her past, plans to use it in his next book. When Granger and his wife are killed in a fire that destroys their home, state police detective Macy Greeley is dispatched to the college town to determine what happened. The fire, deemed arson turns the case from suspicious to homicide. Grace would be the obvious suspect, but she’s not the only person Granger screwed over. it turns out there were a lot of people who wanted the novelist dead, Macy just has to figure out who was angry enough to actually follow through with it. A well crafted, edge of your seat thriller


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