Breakdown by B. A. Paris. Published by St. Martins

On a miserable, rainy night, Cass takes a short cut home down a deserted road. There she sees a woman sitting alone in a car. Cass stops, thinking the woman may be having car trouble, and waits for the woman to join her. When the woman doesn’t get out of her car, Cass continues on her way home. She later learns that the woman has been found dead and is filled with guilt for not doing more. As her guilt and shame continue to grow, Cass finds herself forgetting everything else, from where she’s parked her car to why she ordered a baby carriage when she has no baby. Is she losing her mind, succumbing to early dementia as her mother did? Why is she getting so many strange phone calls from someone who never utters a word? I finished this book in one sitting because I just couldn’t put it down. Paris is a master of suspense

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