Fall Out by Wil Mara. Published by Forge

The town of Silver Lake, Pennsylvanis has readied itself for a massive storm, but nothing has prepared the residents for a nuclear power plant meltdown. A lightening bolt strikes the reactor, setting in motion a disaster to rival that of Chernobyl, leaving mayor Sarah Redmond and her husband, an EMT to try to contain the disaster as much as possible. Meanwhile, reporter Marla Bloom, on site at the power plant for a story, finds herself stuck inside as the reactor begins to meltdown. She may not be able to escape, but she will stream the disaster live from the site. As town residents succumb to radiation sickness, and worse, Silver Lake is cut off from the rest of the world by the ferocity of the storm. A frightening, all too real scenario that will have readers wondering where their closest nuclear power plant is located

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