The First City by Joe Hart by Thomas & Mercer

For all of us who have waited with breathless anticipation to see what would happen to Zoey, the answers have finally arrived in the last volume of the Dominion trilogy. After breaking out of the ARC, Zoey has been determined to find out the truth about the world after the plague that killed off almost all women on the planet. But her captors won’t give her up so easily and there is video evidence that shows that Zoey carries the most rare and precious of all things – the fetus of a baby girl. Zoey, meanwhile is on her way to Seattle, believed to be the last bastion of civilization. She means to uncover the truth, no matter what it may reveal. This is such a visceral series, and so much of the scary “women under male control” seems frighteningly plausible in today’s bleak political landscape. My heart was in my mouth through this entire series

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