The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green. Published by Berkley

Ronni Sunshine may have been a big Hollywood star, but she was a crappy mother. Only interested in herself, she alternately ignored or verbally abused her three daughters. Nell left home to be a single mom on a farm, Lizzy built a culinary empire but lost sight of her marriage in the interim, and Meredith, who was never pretty or slim enough to suit her mother ran off to London to be with a man she’s not sure she really loves. Now, all the sisters are called home by their mother. Ronni is dying and wants her children to fulfill her final wishes. Never close as children, the three sisters return to their mother’s side out of a sense of duty. Will their close proximity be enough to let the fractured family find some measure of peace?


~ by cayocosta72 on February 3, 2017.

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