The Wildling Sisters by Eve Chase. Published by Putnam

Margot was only 15 when she and her four sisters arrived at Applecote Manor in 1959. Far from being the comfortable, loving home in the country they expected, they find the house filled with their aunt and uncle’s unrelenting sorrow for the daughter who disappeared five years earlier. As her sisters find ways to amuse themselves, Margot becomes intrigued by the missing Audrey and finds herself assuming the girl’s role, and then something happens that changes Margot and her family forever. A half century later, Jesse is chomping at the bit to leave behind the London home her new husband shared with his deceased wife. She wants a fresh start and Applecote Manor, out in the country sounds like a wonderful place to do so. But Jesse’s joy is short-lived as she finds herself isolate far from the city, stuck with a teenage step-daughter who makes no secret that she doesn’t care for her new stepmother. Dark rumors about the property and what happened there don’t help and soon Jesse feels totally cut off. This is Gothic / country house story that will delight readers of both genres


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