UNSUB by Meg Gardiner. Published by Dutton

The Prophet was a serial killer who terrorized the Bay area in the 1990’s. His victims were all marked with the sign of Mercury carved into their flesh. Homicide detective Mack Hendrix was obsessed with solving the case and catching the killer. His failure to do so nearly cost him his family and his sanity, and it marked the end of his career with the police force. Twenty years later, two victims with the same carvings are found on the Prophet’s old hunting ground. Caitlyn Hendix has followed in her father’s footsteps and become a cop, and she’s just as determined as her father was to solve the case. Mack knows his life was destroyed by the Prophet and begs his daughter to stay clear of the case, but Caitlyn doesn’t have a choice – the Prophet has made her his new project. Meg Gardiner is the gold standard when it comes to suspense, and this story knocked by socks off. Read it with the light on


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































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