When the English Fall by David Williams. Published by Algonquin

When a major “event” kills power all over Earth, chaos reigns. Aircraft fall from the sky, cars won’t run, communications cease, food and water supplies dwindle.  Unaffected are the Amish, who never used electricity or motor vehicles and kept large supplies of food stores. Suddenly, the Amish have what the rest of the world want. Told in a journal format in the words of Pennsylvania Amish farmer Jacob, readers get a first class seat to the fall of the modern world and the depravity and violence that is spawned as desperate people resort to violence and murder to get what they want. How far will a man raised to believe in peace and passivity go to protect his wife and his way of life? This is the first Apocalyptic novel I’ve read featuring an Amish community, and I’m surprised now that someone didn’t think of it before. Williams paints a stark, believable portrait of a man driven to the edge


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