Let the Dead Speak by Jane Casey. Published by HarperCollins UK

There is no body, but Detective Maeve Kerrigan is sure a murder has taken place. Chloe Emery returns home to find her mother, Kate, missing and blood all over the house, too much blood for a simple accident. Because there is no body, Maeve and fellow detective Josh Derwent look at the people closest to Kate, beginning with her neighbors. They’re a strange lot, the Norrises act holier than thou, but their teenage daughter is obviously hiding something, could it be murder? Then there’s neighborhood criminal William Turner, who was once accused of stabbing a school friend and who now is the go to person any time something bad happens in the neighborhood. Maeve will have to tease through many layers of lies, secrets and neighborhood gossip to discover what really happened to Kate. Casey is one of my favorite British crime writers, her stories are always exciting without being gory, with intricate mysteries and well drawn characters


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