Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child. Published by Doubleday 

Jeremy Logan is in an egmologist  who travels all over the world investigating bizarre phenomena . Now he  is taking a break and has traveled to an isolated writers retreat in the Adirondack mountains to work on his book. But there are bizarre doings in the small town, a dead hiker has been found on Desolation Mountain, his body has been mauled and bitten and covered with claw marks and at first he appears to be the victim of a bear attack. But as Logan investigates he believes the man was attacked by something very unlike a bear. The man had plenty of human enemies but there is also a rumor about town about a pack of werewolves. How can that be? Jeremy teams up with a scientist who is still struggling with the violent death of her own father. Is it actually possible that there are werewolves loose in this small community? Child can always be counted onto provide a thrilling read, and enough nightmares to keep readers awake at night

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