The Idea of You by Robinne Lee. Published by St. Martins

Since her divorce, Solene finds time with her daughter Rachel to be precious. She even agrees (reluctantly) to take her daughter to see her favorite boy band, August Moon, in concert. The music isn’t to Solene’s taste, but to her surprise, bad member Hayes Campbell is. He’s smart, funny, genuine and good-looking and the two immediately hit it off. The only problem is that at 20, Hayes is half of Solene’s age. The two begin an intense courtship, meeting up all over the world, but it’s not long before the news of their affair leaks out and suddenly, Solene and her daughter are plastered all over gossip tabloids and a viral online sensation. All this is just too much to bear. What will Solene sacrifice for her daughter, or her lover? It won’t be lost on readers that the sensational aspect of this May September relationship wouldn’t have caused anyone to blink an eye if Hayes had been the older partner.  This is a really good story about sexism, privacy and life in the digital era

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