The Idea of You by Robinne Lee. Published by St. Martins

Since her divorce, Solene finds time with her daughter Rachel to be precious. She even agrees (reluctantly) to take her daughter to see her favorite boy band, August Moon, in concert. The music isn’t to Solene’s taste, but to her surprise, bad member Hayes Campbell is. He’s smart, funny, genuine and good-looking and the two immediately hit it off. The only problem is that at 20, Hayes is half of Solene’s age. The two begin an intense courtship, meeting up all over the world, but it’s not long before the news of their affair leaks out and suddenly, Solene and her daughter are plastered all over gossip tabloids and a viral online sensation. All this is just too much to bear. What will Solene sacrifice for her daughter, or her lover? It won’t be lost on readers that the sensational aspect of this May September relationship wouldn’t have caused anyone to blink an eye if Hayes had been the older partner.  This is a really good story about sexism, privacy and life in the digital era


Hope to Die by David Jackson. Published by Zaffire

DS Nathan Cody catches a nasty murder case.  A body has been found on the grounds of an Anglican Cathedral in LIverpool and while Nathan has a suspect, nobody else thinks they could be the killer. You know the type – “such a kind person”, “would do anything to help you”, “never had a bad word to say about anybody”. How to you hang a murder rap on somebody like that. And Nathan is the typical tortured cop, barely holding his own life together, so he’s finding it a rough go to piece together this intricate case. This is a good solid police procedural that fans of the genre will enjoy

Edited Out by E.J. Cooperman. Published by Crooked Lane

Rachel Goodman writes a succesful mystery series featuring detective Duffy Madison. There’s just one little problem….. it turns out Duffy is…real? After making an appearance in Cooperman’s last book, Rachel and Duffy are back. Duffy’s back in town researching some missing persons cases and he needs Rachel’s help. This is a really fun premise, one I loved back in the days of Remington Steele (anyone else old enough to remember that series?) and it also bring to mind some of Stephen King’s creepier novels where a character he’s created comes to life and refuses to be “written out”.

Evie’s Year of Taking Chances by Christie Barlow. Published by Bookouture

Eva has a perfectly happy life. Her job as a librarian allows her access to all the books she could ever want and she can escape to any place, any time she like through her books. All that changes on her birthday, when she gets (not surprisingly) a book, but this books has a very meaningful inscription for Evie and starts her on a search for her real mother. When she encounters Noah James in her search, she wonders if she might find love, too. But, Noah is not telling Eva the whole truth, and when she discovers what he’s been holding back, it may be the end of all of her dreams

Some Practical Magic by Laurie C. Kuna. Published by BelleBooks

Kitchen witch Cassandra Hathorne is fed up with her mother’s matchmaking attempts. So fed up, she agrees to travel along on a book tour with horror novelist M.S. Kazimer. There’s a real attraction between Cassandra and Mick, but their romance gets sidelined by a psychopath using Mick’s novels as blueprints for his own bloody killing spree. Can Cassandra use magic to save Mick and stop the killer, or will the couple have to rely on more human measures?

Girl Last Seen by Nina Laurin. Published by Grand Central

What if reliving the most traumatic event in your life might save the life of someone else? Would you be able to face the demons that you have been hiding from for over a  decade? Olivia Shaw has disappeared from her elementary school, and a woman reading the story of her disappearance stares at the girl’s photo and sees herself, thirteen years earlier. They could be sisters. But the nightmares of the basement she was kept in and what happened to her there are things to terrible to speak of aloud. Still, this is what she’s been waiting for, another girl, just like herself, taken by the same person for the same twisted reasons. She must confront her demons and attempt to save Olivia, if she doesn’t she may as well have died in that cellar thirteen years ago. A harrowing tale of terror, courage and revenge

The Bluebell Bunting Society by Poppy Dolan. Published by Canelo

Connie had no real desire to return home to Hazelhurst, but when her grandmother died, she didn’t have a choice. Almost before she knows it, Connie has taken on her gran’s role as the caretaker at the village hall. It’s certainly not the job she thought she’d enjoy, but Connie finds herself falling in love with Bluebell Hall and the community members there. When she gets wind that the Hall may be closed and turned over to money-grubbing property developers, she refuses to let that happen. But how can she stop them? A little fabric, a lot of ingenuity and one crazy idea may just save the day. A lovely, kind and gentle read