Last Seen by J.L. Doucette. Published by She Writes

After her husband is murdered. psychologist/police consultant, Dr. Pepper Hunt, can no longer stand to run their joint practice. She sells up and moves to Wyoming, hoping for a quieter life and a way to forget. But she won’t get a chance to relax, because one of her new clients, Kimi Benally, disappears right after their session and right into a blizzard. Pepper offers to help local police detective, Beau Antelope search for the girl, Pepper is, after all the last person to see her and she knows all about Kimi’s obsession with the past. Pepper’s search for the girl reopens only recently closed wounds of her own and she’s not sure she can hold it together long enough to find Kimi – dead or alive. Doucette brings the wilds of Wyoming to life in this tightly plotted mystery


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