A Grave Calling by Wendy Roberts. Published by Carina

Julie Hall uses a diving rod to find, not water, but bodies. It’s not something she likes to advertise (for obvious reasons) and she tries to keep a low profile with her grandfather and her beloved dog. When a young woman’s body is found and three more girls disappear, Julie has no choice but to get involved. Working with FBI agent Garrett Pierce, Julie does her best to help unmask a killer even as more bodies are found and more girls go missing. But when it gets out that Julie is helping the authorities, she becomes the next target of a sadistic killer. I must be getting older because all the heroines in the books I read keep getting younger! Seriously, Julie was a mature 25, and I liked the fact that she wasn’t a spoiled rich girl (she lives in a trailer). A strong plot, devious villain and likable heroine made this mystery an intriguing read


~ by cayocosta72 on March 6, 2017.

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