He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly. Published by St. Martins

Kit and Laura are young and in love the summer of 1999. They are going to see a total eclipse of the sun in Cornwall and hang out at a festival there. Just before light returns after the eclipse, Laura sees a man and woman together and she sees the man do something terrible. The man says it never happened, his victim is pathetically grateful. But what did Laura really see and did she believe the wrong person? Fifteen years later, Kit and Laura have new identities and are living a life “off the grid”. They don’t even own a cell phone. They may think they have escaped their past, but they’re wrong, it’s about to come roaring back….with a vengeance. I LOVED this book. It kept me on tenterhooks the entire way, I never knew what would happen next. Expect this book to be HUGE

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