Under a Sardinian Sky by Sara Alexander. Published by Kensington

Mina has always been fascinated by her aunt Carmela. The woman apparently disappeared from her home in Italy decades before and is now only talked about in whispers. Now, with Mina’s mother stricken with cancer, Mina fears she may only have a short time to find out the truth about Carmela. Back in 1952 Sardinia, Carmela is about to marry a wealthy man, Franco and her family is thrilled with the match. But Carmela begins to grow concerned about Franco’s anger and need to control her. The she’s hired as in interpreter for Joe, an American stationed at a local army base and she begins to realize that she does not want the life her family has laid out for her. But Franco is a dangerous man, and Carmela’s desire to please her family runs deep. Mina slowly uncovers the truth about what happened to Carmela in this multigenerational story of love and duty

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